pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Moving Week Food Dump

So for those of you that don't know my blogging absence has been because I have been moving into my new home. ( More on that later) I haven't moved in almost 4 years and I forgot that when you move very little if any cooking is done. So for the past week I have been packing, moving and unpacking and Keithon and I have been doing way more than our fair share of dinning out. So to fill my blogging void here are a few pics of the food I did remember to take a picture of. Sadly Comcast has not connected my Internet so I am sitting here at Imagine blogging my little heart out. (shout out for the free wifi)

Now the night that I did the paperwork for my new home was a call for a semi fancy dinner and of course my choice was Asian food. So Keithon, Karen , her son and I headed to Osaka for sushi! The woman stated that they do not use eggs in their Tempura so I took her word for it. I also ordered all the vegan sushi they have on the menu which sadly isn't much but if I recall correctly I was an avocado roll, a veggie roll and a tofu roll.

Of course Keithon and I made more than a few trips to Imagine. So many trips that I have now stolen Bianca's Mayorship on Foursquare. She told me she will earn it back while I am in Japan. ( Good luck my friend) Now we all know I love Imagine because its like being with family. Everyone knows everyone and the place just has good vibes. Last Thursday Keithon and I went by for lunch and while we were there another fellow Imaginer told me that he would bring me a drink. I honestly thought he was kidding until he came back with a drink!!! It seems he lives right next door to Imagine. This man went to his house, made drinks and brought them back. This drink did nothing for my packing efforts. After Imagine I went home and took a nap. 

Now don't  worry I did eat along with my lovely pink drink. Keithon ordered the meatball marinara and I ordered the veggie plate. I picked the side salad, corn bread, brown rice and black beans. Because Megan and Nigel love me they put the black beans on top of the rice.

Now Monday I was able to do a little cooking and when I say cooking I mean I dumped some things in a pot and made soup. This soup is loaded with veggies, chickpeas and barley. My kitchen is still not completely unpacked and it is so hard for me to cook cook with my stuff in boxes. Hopefully this weekend I will be completely settled in. 

Last night was our monthly Vegan Drinks Meet up at The Deli and the group this month was crazy big. I love that more people are learning about the group and coming out. It also seems that they were having a tasting for a new beer company  and as a result they had the beer on special as well as with the purchase of the beer you got to keep the glass. Right now I am thankful for any cup I can get my hands on. I'm not a beer a drinker so I choose my beer based on its name, Namaste. It was a light beer kinda close to a Corona. 

I've gone to The Deli more than a few times in my non vegan days but this was my first trip as a vegan and they have quite a few vegan options. This makes me happy that a bar has more than just hummus to eat. Don't get me wrong I love hummus but when I go out Mama wants more than hummus but my dear child ordered the hummus plate. Their presentation is AMAZING! I had the hummus for lunch today and it is super creamy and spicy. I will be ordering this again. I ordered the Tofu Pita this pita was filled with fried tofu, cucumbers, tomato and sprouts and of course a side of fries. The Deli is known for their fries so I couldn't turn them down.  

Now somewhere during this moving adventure I had ice cream from TCBY. For those of you that don't know TCBY now carries Silk soft serve and on this day I loaded it up with Oreos, mango's, blueberries, 3 Sour Patch Kids and 1 cherry. Yes I asked for 3 Sour Patch Kids and 1 cherry, it s my ocd.  

Now we are all moved in and hopefully I can get back to my love of cooking but before I get back to cooking I have to bake for the World Wide Vegan Bake Sale this Friday. If you are in need of vegan treats meet us downtown in front of Grawemeyer's at 520 South Main from 6pm to 9pm. The weather is going to be great and all proceeds go to the Memphis Humane Society. So stop by, pick up a treat and say hi!


  1. Hi! I'm a fellow vegan southerner. OMG!! I just found your blog and it's great! I'm sooo hungry lol.


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