pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Japan Bound

Twenty four traveling hours and 3 plane changes later I have arrived in Japan!! This by far was the most taxing trip I have ever taken and at one point I started beating myself in the face with my neck rest because I just wanted off of the plane. I left Memphis at 8:19am Friday morning and FINAL  arrived in Osaka at 10:30pm My plane was suppose to land at 8pm but there was a delay so I was "stuck" in Hawaii for a few hours. Trust me I didn't mind Hawaii is the most beautiful airport I have ever seen It is almost completely open air. The breeze and fresh air was much needed after being on a plane for a million hours.
 Now of course on the plane they feed you and being the smart cookie that I am I pre ordered my vegan meals ahead of time. I thought that my second flight was going to have a meal service but it seems that it was just a typo so I needed to order something to eat or I would have harmed someone. So I ordered a Tapas selection they had. ( it was the only vegan thing on the mini menu) It was loaded with pita chips, hummus, burshetta, apricots, almonds, olives, crackers, cookies and a dark chocolate. ( the lemon cookies weren't vegan so I didn't eat them)  The back of the box tell you what's vegan and what's not. It says that the dark chocolate is not vegan but the label didn't have any animal products on it so I ate it.

Now like I said before I was suppose to land in Osaka at 8pm but there was delay in Hawaii and for some reason my assigned seat was no longer mine so the desk clerk gave me a new seat. Sadly it was an aisle so I asked her very nicely if I could have a window seat because I wanted to lay against the window and sleep. My guy friend kept me up 24 hours prior to my flight to get my body adjusted to Japan time but I still couldnt' fall asleep. I did doze off one good time but I did the church nod and woke myself up and no more sleep was had.  I am so glad that the clerk gave me a window seat because it was not just any window seat it was a window seat in Economy Comfort.!! That is one step behind 1st class and this diva was in love!!! I have to upgrade me flight on the way back. I just can't go back to coach lol. Economy Comfort gives you all type of perks. I had a bigger, seat my own private TV, a sleep mask and ear plugs, I could charge my phone and wait for it  EXTRA FOOD!! I LOVED the TV option, even though I don't watch much TV I was excited that I could watch Top Chef!!! Mama loves her cooking shows and since I cut off the cable a few years ago I haven't been able to watch it. 

In Economy Comfort they also give you a schedule of the meal service for the flight. This worried because the menu was Asian themed and filled with meat. This made me sad because I thought that I would not be able to eat but I guess I dozed off and the food fairy came and delivered the vegan meal I requested weeks ago. At first I was put off but the pattie in the middle because I had no clue what the hell it was but if you know me you know I sniff my food before I eat it. Weird habit I know but its what makes me me. It turns out the black and gray patty was some type of black bean pattie. It was actually pretty good too. There was also spinach and tomatoes, a salad, steamed carrots, Hawaiian water and fruit. I passed on the bread because I was pretty sure the bread was not vegan. For airplane food it was actually pretty good. I was shocked.

I managed to doze off again and when I woke up the food fairy delivered a vegan snack for me!! Again looking at the menu they give you the snack was suppose to be a sandwich and cake but I guess because I ordered the vegan dinner they put two and two together. My lovely snack included OJ, a banana, a bagel with jam and a granola bar. Yes I know it says honey and vegans are not suppose to have honey but we also aren't suppose to waste resources either and I already trashed the cookies so the bar stays. I haven't eaten it yet so I will back it along with the almonds in my bag for tomorrow as snacks while I'm  out seeing the sights. Economy Comfort also allows you free booze but my nose and throat started acting up on the second flight so I stuck to OJ and green tea to try to knock out whatever is going on. The last thing I need is to be sick. 

Its already Sunday here so for mother's day I am going to take myself to the Onsen and to get my flaming bowl of ramen!! It is ramen that has been set on fire!!! Check out the pre flight pic of me when I put on the silly sleep neck thingy. I posted it to my facebook page that it made me look fat. And Keithon Bryce if you are reading I love you booger bat!!


  1. I am soooo proud of YOU!! Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. You did it girl! happy mother's day to you with so much love!!!

  3. I'm with you on the honey decisions. I eat vegetarian for the environment first! I tell people I do it for my future grandchildren. :)

    1. Yep I am vegan for health reason because there is so many chemicals and crap they put in food I just don't want that in my body. Its also the reason I don't take meds its just a bandaide it doesnt fix the problem.

  4. Free booze and you didn't take it? FOR SHAME, woman. Flights are for drinking.


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