pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Friday, November 22, 2013

My oh my what a pizza pie!

Normally Thursday nights I'm off "mommy duty" but last night Keithon was home so I decided to make his favorite dinner, PIZZA. Thursday is Ramen night but that's a soup and we know Keithon hates soup. Plus i'm not going to waste my "good" ramen on him! When I say ramen I'm not talking about that madness you get from Kroger for 29¢. But  anywho back to the pizza.

I attended Vegfest a few weeks ago and I picked up a few new release cookbooks as well as attending a few demos by the authors.  My favorite demo by far was by Annie & Dan Shannon, authors of the blog Meet The Shannons. They are so cute together that they almost make me what to remarry. ALMOST people almost! The dish they made is from their new cookbook Betty goes Vegan. It is the vegan version of the classic Betty Crocker book! Now we have all seen this classic book in someone's kitchen, now there is a vegan verison!

I have always hated Macaroni Salad or anything mayo based for that matter. Its the eggs. Cassi has always hated eggs, they are gross and they stink. So when they said the dish there were making was Black Pepper Tofu Macaroni Salad. Instant disappointment but they were just so cute and convincing that I gave it a try, after sniffing it of course. It didn't smell like mayo and it was freakin awesome! Anyone that can get me to eat a mayo based dish has my vote and a space on my bookshelf. So when Keithon picked the Margherita Pizza I threw caution to the wind yet again.

I was a little weirded out because it called for capers. I love capers but capers on pizza I wasn't to sure about it but I followed the recipe as written minus a few mistakes. Hey i'm still human. I discovered, after Keithon made the pizza sauce, that it didn't call for a tomato sauce. Since it was made I used it on mine, but Keithon followed the recipe right down to the capers.

The Shannons did it again! This pizza was amazing. The capers, garlic and sliced tomato are perfect together. The capers added the perfect amount of salt and bitterness. I prefered the recipe as written verses my tomato sauce based one. The recipe calls for Dayia cheese but I used my TJ cheese.

If you don't have a copy of Betty Goes Vegan get it! I call myself a pantry cook because if its not in my pantry i'm not using it or a may borrow it from Bianca. ( yes I have borrowed a tablespoon of a certain ingredient) Betty goes Vegan is a pantry cookbook, which I love and it is as thick as the original Betty Crocker cookbook. I'm sure if Betty was vegan she would be proud.

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