pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Who says vegans don't drink

  Once a month Bianca, author of the vegan cookbook Cooking Crunk, puts together a Vegan Drinks events. The only rules for choosing a location is that its has to have vegan food and drinks. This month we held our shindig at R. P. Tracks. Its a cool bar near U of M that has a good bar menu as plenty of vegan food. Something that should be a requirement near a college, if you ask me.

Our group is normally a younger crowd and we meet up right after work around 5:30.  Mainly because after working 8 hours who doesn't need a drink and yesterday mama needed a drink. We had a few newbies, one that even came as far as California but the regulars Autumn, Katie and Nathan were their as well.

  We arrived just in time happy hour. The special was a dollar off drinks so of course I decided on a wine and Tracks has boxed wine! It was the same Bota Box that I had at the potluck Saturday. It tasted a little different, maybe because I didn't get to pour it from the box myself but it was good wine all the same.  I only had one glass because it was a Tuesday and going to work with a hangover is not cute.

  I knew what I wanted, food wise before I hit the door. Buffalo Tofu Strips, I love theirs because they use extra firm tofu that is deep fried and dipped in Franks Red Hot Sauce. It was served with a side of celery and ranch dressing which is not vegan. That made me kinda sad because I may or may not have ordered it back in April, I don't remember. ( I was only a vegan for a month then. Mistakes were made.)

Just like any other Vegan Drinks meet up this one did not disappoint. We met new people, noshed on vegan bar food and had a few drinks.

I know I'm a day late but the winner of the cookie ornament is  girlgoesveggie with the peanut butter blossom cookie! My son loves anything with peanut butter. Email me so I can ship your prize.


  1. Sometimes I bring a 2 oz container of condiments to restaurants. It's small enough to fit in a purse, but enough for dipping food. (I also have taken a small Pyrex bowl of cooked tofu to a Mexican restaurant to put with my veggie fajitas, so I'm probably just weird.)

    1. You are not weird Bianca tells me to do this lol. I may have to start.


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