pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Post Christmas Vegan Drinks

Last night we held our monthly vegan drinks meet up but we switched it up a bit. Since this month is crazy busy instead of a Tuesday meet up we went for a Saturday night social, which was pretty cool because most of us are off on the weekends. We had our sights on a pretty cool Jamaican place but we found out they were having a set menu and that would work out for the group so after a few suggestions we decided on Mulan Asian Bistro in Cooper Young. (Check out Bianca's post on Vegan Crunk.) I've tried them before but it has only been take out. The inside is more of high end compared to most take out places, they even had cloth napkins on the table.

Now of course a vegan drinks would not be a vegan drinks without the drinks part. After going back and forth with myself I decided on a Sake. Of course I didn't order the normal house Sake. I opted for the Sparkling Sake in a pink bottle. Plus I just wouldn't be Cassi of me if I didn't. Aside for the pretty pink bottle this Sake did not disappoint. Since it is a sparkling Sake it is served cold and it still had that Sake bite but it also had hints of fruit flavor. It was very refreshing, not too strong and happy. I think I kinda drank it too fast I woke up this am with a sight headache.

I like Mulan because they have a ton of tofu and wheat noodle dishes on the menu. They even have a tofu fried rice! It took me as long to decide on dinner than it did to decide on my drink. After flipping through the menu 26 times I settled on the Home Style Tofu. I guess it's called homestyle because the tofu is deep fried. I love my tofu this way because it gets rid of the mushyness and gives the tofu a meaty texture. Normally it is SUPPOSE to come with red and green peppers, black fungus, scallions, red peppers and garlic but I don't like peppers so I asked if the could leave the peppers out and replace them with long beans. Sadly long beans are out of season so I had to go with greens beans. I think this is my new favorite dish. It was a bit oily but super spicy, the green beans were nice and crunchy and it was loaded with garlic chunks. Lucky for me I'm single and can eat all the garlic I want. Most of our dished were served with rice and I assumed that the rice would come in normally like white bowl but no they came in wooden buckets! I was in love! I am going back to buy one from Mulan, it's cute and round just like me! What's not to love?!

After dinner the group went to go see our friend Autumn in her burlesque show but I was still in introvert mode and wasn't ready for the crowds so Amy and I went to Five in One Social Club for bingo! She even won a game! She pick out a Made in Memphis hat that she let me bedazzled because that's what friends do. (Well she bedazzled it I just showed her how) Just like always Vegan Drinks was a good time.


  1. Dammit, Amy! No fair. I never win!!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun.
    Glad to find another pepper hater! Or capsicum, as we call them here. They are pretty much the devil in vegetable form.


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