pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Jonesboro kinda Thanksgiving

Normally I loathe holidays because I spend them in the house alone and crying. My son always goes with his father's side of the family, I don't have a boyfriend and my friends are with their families, so Cassi is left alone. But not this holiday, back in October Bianca told Mama Crunk that I would be alone for Thanksgiving and she invited me to Jonesboro! So Wednesday, after work, we packed up Paul's truck and headed to Arkansas.

  I was only an hour drive was I wasn't to crazy from the drive but a Jonesboro night is different from a Memphis night. 21 degrees! Let me tell you Cassi was not a happy camper but the show must go one. After getting settled in Paul, Bianca and hit the town and I do mean town. I've never been to Jonesboro so the only thing i knew about it was it was in Arkansas and Bianca grew up there. Jonesboro is a DRY county, this was news to me. How do you drink in a dry county, I assumed we were going to a speakeasy. Nope wrong again, there is a downtown with a few bars but Bianca informed me we would need a MEMBERSHIP to drink. I was cold and confused, who needs a membership to drink.

  We ended up at Cregen's and when we walked in there was a notepad with signatures sitting on top of a barrel. It appeared we would have to sign in to drink. More confusion and maybe I said "we have to sign in" a little too loudly because a guy at the bar said "no go in, its ok I work here".  I'm not sure if he worked there or not but we walked in sheet unsigned ,membership be damned!

  After getting settled at a table and checking out the drink menu, Paul and Bianca settled on beer but I was freezing and Cregeen's has hot adult beverages. I ordered the Hot Cinnamon Apple, it is hot apple cider with cinnamon schnapps. Normally it comes with whipped cream but of course I had to leave that off. Even without the whipped cream it was still awesome. It was warm "cinnamony" apple goodness.

Of course the food menu was filled with meaty madness but they did offer a few veg-friendly options which was nice to see. Instead of ordering from the menu I decided to go rogue and picked a topping to eat. Skimming the menu I noticed one of the burgers had spicy sauerkraut as a topping. I was in! (Cregeen's is an Irish bar) The server said I could order it sans burger so of course I did. This sauerkraut was spicy goodness. It started off more sweet than sour but then the heat hit and when it hit it hit. I like spicy foods so this was perfect. Blanca on the on the other hand was having a bit of trouble with hers. We'll just blame it on the fact that she had a cold and is not a spice wuss.

  The group decided on another round and I didn't want another hot drink so I scanned the beer menu and they had a drink called Fuzzy Woody. Just because of the name I had to order it. Who doesn't want a Fuzzy Woody, ok I know a few guys who wouldn't but whateves I ordered it. The Fuzzy Woody is a Woodchuck beer with peach schnapps. Girly I know but it was delicious. I will continue to order this.

  Check back tomorrow to get the details on Thanksgiving day. There was a ton of vegan madness going on for my first vegan Thanksgiving.

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