pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Adventures In Dating

  Last month I made the statement that I was going to venture back into the world of dating, well I am still doing it but the last few dating partners have been, how do I say this.... duds. Not their fault not my fault every date isn't suppose to lead to a trip down the aisle. They are just dates and Megan from Imagine Vegan Cafe summed dating up best. "We are just awkward people trying to find our match." I never thought of it that way but she hit it right on the head. So last week while Keithon was on spring break Mama Bear had a little free time on her hands so I enlisted the help of my girl Aisha to find me a date. (Yep I basically let her pimp me out.)  We seriously went through her Facebook friends, like it was the Toys R Us catalog. Those that know me know I am super picky and honestly would rather stay at home and read a book than date but after a few nos and by few I mean a lot. She said hey go look at "Jack's" page. ( names are hidden to protect the innocent, I give them nicknames based on their personality and so my girls can keep them in order. Bianca, Aisha and I decided on the name Jack because he is a jack of all trades. ) Looking at his page I laughed so hard I snorted... a few times, this man is hilarious. Aisha thought I completely cracked up but once I regained my composer, I told go ahead hook it up.  Any man that can make me laugh so hard I snort is someone I want to cross paths with. Laughing is my biggest turn on. Make me laugh and I'm yours.

This is Jack.The pillow he is cuddling with is mine but for blackmail purposes we will say its his. (There is also a video to go with the picture)

My second requirement for dating is food based. After making me laugh you have to be able to feed me, accept my food choices and not make fun of me because of it. ( It has happened before I dated a guy that made fun of me being vegan. No worries he's gone now) So for our first official date we decided on a in date meaning we grabbed food and stayed in. It takes some of the pressure off... for me. Bonus points for him, he let me pick the meal. So I had to think what do guys like to eat... PIZZA. To me the best home style vegan pizza is served at Imagine. I ordered the black olive and mushroom pizza and paired it with a red wine I had at the house. I was going to go with beer but Aisha said wine. I guess wine is more date like. We were suppose to have dinner at his place but when I pulled up there were fire engines everywhere. There were 2 fires in the building so yeah we headed to my place for dinner. (fyi the building is fine, I guess they were just small fires)

I seriously held my breath as he took the first bite because vegan cheese is a hard sale but he actually liked it and not the I like it because I want to get in your pants like it. He had real questions about it and he even thought there was meat on it because of the mushrooms!!! I told him mushrooms are one of the veggies I use a lot of because of the vitamin D and the meaty texture it gives foods.

So after we ate a little to break the ice I suggested we play a game. I am a big kid and have a ton of board games. Since I wanted to get to know him a bit more I suggest we play Moment of Truth. It is a lie detector game based on a TV show that came out in 2008. To play the game you pull a card and you pick one of the three questions to ask and the person answers and then puts their finger on the button and it decides if you are tell the truth or not. Corny I know but it is a great ice breaker and a way to find out dirt on the other players. More bonus points because he actually played with me willingly. 

Fast forward to Saturday, everyone knows that I have the worst sweet tooth in the world and by far my favorite sugary treat is ice cream. I will eat it in the dead of winter. It doesn't matter to me. Hold on here comes the girly stuff my dream date is to go out with a guy for ice cream. Yes I know this is not the 1950 and there was no sock hop to go to but hey there is just something sweet about a guy taking a girl to get ice cream. So guess what we did Saturday morning. Yep you guess it we went for ice cream! ( insert swoon here) We headed to Yolo to get ice cream. My favorite thing about Yolo is the add ins. I love to create stuff plus they have more than a few vegan add ins as well as sorbet on tap so we vegans don't feel left out.

I went for the pink lemonade sorbet and topped it with Oreos , blueberries, Kiwi syrup and  Popping Boba pearls. Yes it looks crazy but it made me happy and he didn't question one add in.

So it seems that the one date that I asked the universe for has turned in to a week of dating. Don't worry I'm not complaining because I like it. Dating is pretty cool, when I get my nerves out of the way and just enjoy the process. Plus this guy is cool with my veganism and makes me laugh so I plan on seeing more of him.


  1. If you would answer your phone you would't have to hear about this one the streets lol

  2. Haha, I'm so glad that I could pitch in with a fresh perspective! :D
    I constantly feel awkward, so I just do my best to embrace the feeling and the fact that (hopefully) most other people feel the same way. My husband was the first guy that I dated that I felt utterly comfortable being my complete, awkward self around. I totally agree with you about laughter... being able to have a sense of humor is so key!

  3. Yolo has boba pearls! No way!!! Now I want sorbet with bubbles!!!!!!!!!! See also: Now I want pizza. Also, glad the dating thing is working out.

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