pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A December Cookout

After the madness of Cookie Club I am laying low in the kitchen. So I was more than excited that Jennifer had her birthday celebration during the week. No cooking for me, I couldn't be happier. Now when I got the invite, on Facebook, it stated that is was a cookout. The cookout part didn't bother me but it is December, also know as winter, but it is Jennifer's birthday and I will do anything for her. Even if that means sitting outside in the cold for her birthday.

  Looking at the menu I knew that Keithon and I wouldn't be able to eat much if anything there but lucky for us I still had two of Kroger's Simple Truth Meatless Patties in the freezer. I am not a big fan of mock meats but I do have a son so every so often I grab a few when he wants to have a meatless meat night. This burgers are awesome. They are filled with all types of healthly goodness like barley, quinoa, millet and amaranth. They are 150 calories a serving with only 380 grams of sodium, 5 grams of fat and clock in with 18 grams of protein. I love the high protein in these patties because my always growing son needs all the protein he can get. Normally I place the frozen patties on the wire racks of the oven with a cookie sheet on the bottom rack because they do drip but since we were at a cookout, on the grill they went. Grilling them only takes 4 minutes on each side so our "burgers" were quick and fast. They didn't carmelize on the grill as much as they do in the oven but they were still just as juicy. I topped our burgers with a little Dayia cheese, tomatoes, Sriracha and they were ready to go.

  A birthday isn't complete without cake and ice cream, sadly Keithon and I had to go without but since Jennifer was at the cookie party she had plenty of cookies left and Keithon was able to have those and not feel left out. I passed on the cookies mainly because I popped 3 into my mouth before arriving at the party. There was another veg head at the party that knew of me, Mark and his expecting girlfriend Courtney. It seems Courtney knows of me too, not because  we've met but because she is a fan of the pet rescue group Save 1 Pet, where I adopted my new baby Hollywood.

All in all Jennifer's Birthday cookout was a success. Keithon and I didn't starve and no one had to eat outside. The perfect ending of course was Jennifer and her son Spencer wearing her birthday cake. Priceless


  1. I didn't know Mark photobombed us! HAHA! I am so glad you & Keithon came!

  2. Oh Plumlee....always being, well, Plumlee. Anyway, that is one massive hamburger bun! And HOLLYWOOOOOOD!


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