pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Saturday, December 07, 2013

Vegan Chocolate Casting

When it comes to candy, I become the biggest kid in the world plus who doesn't love sugar. Chocolate is my favorite type of sugar. I only know one person who doesn't like sugar, my friend Greg. His dislike for sugary goodness is just the beginning of his weirdness but we still hang out with him, he's a pretty cool guy. I am the type that can not keep junk food in the house because I will eat it ALL.

   My second love after sugar is crafting. Yes I am the type that would rather stay home and make something than hang out in a bar. So when Five in One had Chocolate Casting on the calendar I was all in! In this craft we would make our own molds to cast the chocolate in. I was super excited! I only gave a brief summary of what Five in One Social Club or VINI  is so here is their answer

"What is VINI, what is Five in One, what is Made in Memphis, and whats the difference?

Five in One and VINI are the same entity - think roman numerals - V-IN-I.  We use the names interchangeably. Made in Memphis is the product line that we make at VINI.  Alice is called alicat and Michael goes by Miguelito Equis.

Vini is a living art studio that seeks to expand the understanding and appreciation of art by engaging the public in the collaborative and creative processes involved with making it. The free exchange of ideas, perceptions and perspectives are designed to enhance the vision of both local and visiting national artists to extend the realm of what is possible, while allowing the public to experience the creative process like never before and hopefully to walk away from the experience enriched, inspired and engaged."

Their tag line is Five in One Social Club kindergarten for adults. I love that there is a group of 20, 30 and 40 somethings that can get together and just have fun. Of course Bianca and I go to Social Club together. ( I may or may not have been late. I was getting my hair done.) While we were making our chocolate Bianca asked Alice where they come up with the ideas for Social Club and she said that she gets a few of the ideas from the internet and other ideas come for the things people bring to the clubhouse.

  Now to make the our molds I had to come up with a drawing. Crap. I am the world's worst artist. My idea was to make a book, easy enough right. Wrong! I had to call Micheal AND Alice over to help me. Once the picture was "drawn" I cut it out, traced it onto foam board three times and cut it out. Next I used rubber cement to bind the 3 pieces together. If you were feeling fancy you could use textured foam to give the mold added dimensions. Yeah, Cassi is not that fancy. I was happy to get my pattern cut out and look similar to its real life counter part. In the end I settled on my three favorite items in life. A high heel, a book and of course a wine glass! Keithon saw my struggles and stuck with a simple K. After was bonded together the first part of the fun started. Micheal MADE a vacuum suction contraption using and old vanity mirror frame, two electric heating coils and a wet dry vac. Yes, I said a wet dry vac. If nothing else that Micheal is handy! Micheal placed the foam cut outs on the part with vent holes will the plastic was placed on the side with the heating coils to warm it up. Then he flipped the warm plastic over the foam and turned on the vacuum! The vacuum pulled the warmed plastic over the foam to making the depth for the mold. It was awesome! The next step and the most important part the chocolate! Now I know regular chocolate contains milk but when your name is Cassi you know where to look to find vegan melting chocolate. Earlier in the week I called one of our local baking supply stores Mary Carter's and of course they had dark chocolate. So I picked up two 1 pound bags for Bianca and I so we could play as well. Alice had all types of goodness for use as mix-ins and a few store brought molds. (Of course I choose the mustaches.) We could choose from peppermint, rice cereal, coconut, and nuts.  Normally once you cast the chocolate you place it in the fridge to set but not today. It has been in the 20's for the past two days so we just put our mold outside to set. 

Five in One is an awesome place and I am so glad we now have a place in Memphis to go and just have fun. So go and get your craft on and support a small local business.


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