pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

My first vegan Christmas

Since today is Christmas I'll keep this post short but loaded with pictures. I've said before that I hate the holidays because I normally have to spend them alone but I 've noticed that this year that has changed. Mainly because my circle has changed. Looking back I can see that the change has been for the best. My friends now are awesome, they have made sure that I am not forgotten during the holidays. I love them for that! Thanksgiving was spent with Bianca and her family and for Christmas Nicole invited me to her house with her family. I wanted to decline because I didn't want to feel like the odd man out but I am glad I went.

After Keithon and Hollywood opened their presents my Christmas was over because at noon Keithon was picked up by his father and I was left to my own devices. Lucky for me my new device is a new Kindle Fire! I wasn't completely alone with my new toy because Nicole's mom got one for Christmas too. We spent most of the day playing on our new toys and comparing notes. It was awesome! Later in the day Nicole's boyfriend Vaughan showed up gifts. He even had one for me! It was totally unexpected and I can't wait to wear it. Now of course Christmas is not Christmas without a family style meal and just like any meal Vaughan attends it was over the top.

I had no idea what the menu would be but I knew there was wine to be had and Cassi had a noon. About 5:30 or so we sat down to dinner. For Thanksgiving I tried the whole vegan turkey but Vaughan brought a Tofurky loaf. I've never had their "turkey" but as far as mock meats are concerned this one was very tasty even the gravy was great. No added seasonings were needed.

Vaughan also made kale, couscous, collard greens and cranberry sauce. Nicole and her mom also tried their hand at making a vegan dressing and it came out great! I also think Nicole has been around me too long because she is now inventing dishes. Today she used the leftover Justin's Almond Butter and Hazelnut Butter from her Cookie Club cookie. She took a few dates and stuffed them with the Justin's and almond slivers. They were tasty little bites of goodness. The whole meal as well as the company was great.

I am really glad that I came and didn't lock myself in the house. This year has been a complete turn around from last year and I have my friends to thank for that. They have made this year and holidays the best that I have had in a long time. Now please excuse my while I get back to the party and more wine.

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  1. Merry Christmas. I am glad you had a lovely day. So much of the holiday spirit comes from the people we are lucky enough to share it with, be that family or friends, human or furry. :) Looks like a great vegan spread.


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