pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Friday, March 07, 2014

Oh Ye Of Little Will Power

So it seems that Cassi can not stop eating out. I gave it my best effort but Tuesday night Keithon and I went to Imagine for dinner and sadly I cut into next week's grocery money to do it. I had every intention of staying the course but Monday there was this crazy sleet/snow mix that shut down the city and knocked out power to a lot of the city, including myself. Keithon and I were in the dark from 9am until about 2:30. It sucked but lucky for us we have a gas stove so I turned on the eyes as well as the oven and shut of the parts of the house we didn't need and wrapped up in blankets. Lucky for us the house didn't get below 63 degrees before the power came back on. So after being "trapped" in the house for 3 days straight being in the kitchen was not on my to do list. Plus my poor stove needed a break.

 I love going to Imagine aside for being able to eat ANYTHING  on the menu, they know me by name and they genuinely care about you. Imagine has a massive menu and you would think that I would be able to order a dish that is listed right. Nope, my name is Cassi and I like what I like. If you have seen me eat or snack for that matter, I sort my foods. Yes I have to eat like foods together and I hate for my foods to touch but my favorite two foods are soups and nachos. Go figure right. Sadly my all time favorite food is not on the menu. They have a nacho dish but it doesn't have all the madness that I need to make nachos nachos. So I order the Taco Rita minus the rita add chips. This is what the Taco Rita should be:

The Taco-Rito
-It’s the soft taco meets burrito. Bean and “meat” mix, topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, salsa and served with black beans over brown rice

When I get through this is what it looks like. I love it. Its big, its messy and it makes me happy.

I have also decided to end this  no spending freeze. I am free of credit card debit, my car is also paid for and aside from my trip to Japan my money is mine to spend. I have learned that my 75 dollar mani pedi are not a requirement  but mama will continue to get her nails done just not at such a crazy price and I can spend money I will just not go balls to wall and buy whatever I want when I want. So things can wait. I will get to Japan in May so there is no need for me to live like a popper.  Since I ended my spending freeze I decided to come back to Imagine and order the Taco Rita as is.

On another note if you are in the Memphis area head to the Southern Woman's Show to check out Bianca from Vegan Crunk. She will be there doing a food demo at 2:30pm

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  1. this is the first time I have heard about, The Taco-Rito. this is informative. I also follow one website which talks about vegan food and fitness,
    take care!


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