pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Sunday, February 09, 2014

All My Daily Calories In One Meal

 On normal days I don't have a problem getting in all of my calories for the day but today was a super busy day and I just plum forgot to eat. Crazy I know, how do you forget to eat but with me it happens more days than I'd like to admit. No I don't go around starving myself but if I don't eat before I get super busy my body goes into camel mode and I don't realize that I'm hungry until I sit down and my tummy growls. Today was one of those days were food and I were not friends. Once I realized this I decided to calorie load, so off to Sekisui Midtown Keithon and I went.

  Before I became vegan we spent more than a few Friday night dinners here because sushi was one of my favorite foods. There are still a few items we can order from the menu but its kinda limited so we don't visit as much. It is still crazy cold here so instead something cold to drink I decided to get a green tea. They have changed the serving size of the green tea it is huge now.

The best thing about Sekisui is the Ginger Dressing. I have been going to Sekisui since I was in high school and the recipe has not changed at all.  When I was pregnant I would order it but the cup fulls and put it on everything and I also helped the few times my tummy was upset.  Their house salad is pretty basic but with this amazing dressing you won't miss all the normal salad  fixings.

Now the fastest way to pack on the calories is to go heavy on the starches and anything deep fried will do it. So after our salads I ordered the al la carte Tempura. You have to be careful with Tempura because some Tempura is made with eggs but this batter is a made of  flour, baking soda and seltzer water. For our tempura I ordered the tofu, broccoli, mushrooms and asparagus. We couldn't use the sauce they gave us because it was made with fish. 

Just because you are vegan it doesn't mean you can't have sushi and Sekisui has a great selection to chose from. We had the pickled cucumber, avocado and the vegetable roll. On the vegetable roll I asked them to sprinkle cayenne pepper on top to add a little spice to it. 


Everytime we get sushi for dinner we always have to get ice cream for dessert and lucky for us TCBY now carries Silk Soft Serve. During the summer they introduced the chocolate verison and recently the vanilla almond was introduced. I'm still partica to the chocolate because I'm a choclate lover but the vanilla is not too bad. The flavor is a nice vanilla with a hint of almond  not to bad. Keithon added sprinkles to his while I went for Oreos. 

I'm sure that I am a few calories short from my daily intake but hey I can stand to short myself a few calories since my workout routine has been non existent for quite awhile now. Now please excuse me while I play with my new gift to myself. I'll post about my gift later this week.  

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  1. Dude! I'd almost forgotten about the vanilla froyo! They were gonna send some coupons for a review....but I haven't seen them yet, so I may have to just go soon....vanilla with Oreos sounds like my dream.

    And good to know about Sekisui's tempura batter. I've always been scared to order it.


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