pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Sunday Food Dump

 I am starting to get a little lax when it comes to my blog and posting so I need to get back on task. I keep telling myself that on Sunday I am going to write my blog post for the week and just post them. 2 Sunday's have gone by and I have yet to do it. I planned on typing a double sided blog today but its cold and raining and I decided to bake instead. So here comes my 1st food dump! Now you can see all the madness that I eat and don't post about.

The first one goes a few weeks back to the night that Whole Foods opened. I decided to make a light dinner because my plan was to get a noodle bowl from Whole Foods. So when I got home for work I made a large bowl of Massage Kale Salad.  Once I got the hang of how long I am suppose to massage it this dish has become my favorite. I normally add sun dried tomatoes, mushrooms with nooch on top.

 A few weeks ago Bianca hosted a birthday dinner for our friend Greg at his favorite  Asian eatery Pho Binh. Here Keithon and I split a plate of Cashew Tofu. This dish is pretty awesome. It had whole cashews, fried tofu and lots of veggies. Keithon wanted me to take a pick of his presentation of it to post so here is his take on plating, I'm posting mine as well.  (his is the small serving)

Some mornings I stop by Kroger before work to pick up my mid morning snack and on this particular morning I stumbled upon these babies! I think they are sold out now because I have let to find them again. Sadly I didn't get to eat many because I took a nap the Saturday after I got them and was awaken to the sound of my child crunching away on MY chips. 

  Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to go see Wicked. The Wizard of Oz is my all time favorite movie and I have been dying to see Wicked for years now and this year I finally got to go. The wait was totally worth it because I got to sit 2nd row!!! Since it was a late showing (7:30 curtain call) I was able to come home and cook a small meal. I decided to throw together a bowl of Quinoa, black beans and shredded carrots topped with Sriracha. This was actually taster that I thought it would be. I plan on adding this into the week rotation of meals.

 It also seems that I have a shit ton of pics in my phone of food so when I hit one of those days were my daily tasks run longer than my days, I'll do a food dump here and there just so I don't have gaps in my posts.


  1. Haha. I do that with pictures, too. My husband finds it funny that I like to take pictures at restaurants and of lots of the food we eat, including food that I brought to a Superbowl party yesterday.

  2. Its so sad, when I make a meal my son will ask did you take a picture of it yet lol. He knows he can't eat until I have taken pictures.

  3. Damn you for buying all the sriracha chips!

    1. I only got my hands on one bag!! I looked yesterday and today for another bag and nothing!


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