pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Friday, February 28, 2014

Breakfast For Dinner

SPENDING FREEZE UPDATE: I am actually quite proud of myself because Thursday nights I am off mommy duty so I eat whatever I want. I sent Bianca a text to see if she was going to Imagine for dinner and she said that she was only going for take out. I resisted the urge to spend money and made dinner at home. I settled on a triple stack BLT with sprouted chips. Also today since my willpower is sooo low I turned off my debt card. Now the only way I can get money is to go to the bank and Cassi hates going into a bank. Its the lines. So I have my 30 bucks for groceries and the $4 in change that was in the bottom of my purse. Wish me luck. 

Now I will be the 1st to admit that breakfast is my weakest area foodwise mainly because there is nothing about breakfast that appeals to me vegan or non vegan. So when it comes to breakfast ideas I stick to what I know but Keithon is a breakfast person and will eat it for every meal if you let him. So who better to test recipes out on than him. I saw a recipe for pancake dippers on Facebook so I decided to veganize it. It is a simple concept, its bacon inside a pancake in strip form. Easy enough so I whipped up a basic pancake batter and used the Light Life Bacon.  All you do is pour the batter into the pan and place the bacon on top the pour more batter on top and cook like normal. It took me a few tries to pour the batter into strip but by George I got it. ( And got grease all over my new pans but with a little baking soda I got it all off)

I was feeling a bit like a power ranger as well so I decided to tackle an omelet. I have NEVER had an omelet in my life. I hate eggs. Always have always will. They stink and taste gross but omelets are a breakfast/brunch staple. So its only fitting that the universe gives me a child that loves eggs. Now I know the basic concept of omelets I've seen enough cooking shows to know how to cook one and what they should look like so after scanning the Internet for recipes I was not happy with the texture of any of the ones I saw so I said screw it and created my own recipe. One the inside I added spinach, mushrooms and  added black salt to the "egg" mixture. I was also able to used my new egg pan to fried them up. I was so excited about the texture I accidentally burned myself on the pan. (that's what happens when you get cocky) Now of course I didn't eat the omelet, it made my kitchen smell like farts but Keithon loved it. It was fluffy and eggie. His one critique was that it tasted more like an hard boiled egg than an omelet. I just looked at him because I don't know what either taste like. 

Now of course I did not eat any of this madness.  So I made a separate dinner for myself. You guessed I had a big bowl of noodles!!!! I really need more ideas for breakfast for if you have any ideas PLEASE give me some of them. Another side note yesterday I had a 90's flashback and I was craving a bottle of Clearly Canadian. Yes I know they stopped making that years ago but guess what, there is a Kickstarter program to bring it back this spring. I am totes excited and as soon as this freeze is over I am preordering a case. Check out the site and preorder some. They state that they won't charge you until it goes into production. Check out the page here.



  1. I remember those drinks my dad would get and tell me and my sister's not to drink them cause they were his but drank them anyway. Also we had orangina. Waiting for my to arrive. Thanks

  2. Dude, those pancake dippers sounds delicious. I'd eat the shit out of that. And Keithon is right about the omelet taste. Black salt tastes more like hard-boiled eggs than other cooked eggs. But it's the best we can do as vegans ... for now.

    1. I'll your word for it because I will never know lol. It all taste like farts to me.


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