pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Sunday, February 23, 2014

When Did I Eat That?

Today I was going through my phone to see what pics I could get rid of. I have a ton of pics, sadly mostly of food so instead of deleting them all I decided to do a food dump. That way all my good eating doesn't go to waste. 

Last week our monthly Vegan Drinks meet up was held at  Evelyn & Olive a local Jamaican Restaurant. I've visited Evelyn & Olive as a non vegan and the food was great and the vegan side of their menu was even better. I ordered the Marley Meal which consisted of Kingston Cabbage, rice and peas with a side of cucumbers and tomatoes. I have never been a fan of cabbage but this cabbage was amazing!

I am a big Buzzfeed reader mainly because some of the things are just hilarious and one of my Buzzfeed read throughs I stumbled about this gen of vegan comfort foods. So I had to try at least one of these recipes and it would not be Cassi of me if I did not change it to fit my needs. Hey its what I do. The recipe I flipped was the Popcorn Tofu Chicken. When I got done it tasted like chicken and Keithon asked for seconds. Nothing says comfort foods like mac and cheese so I whipped up a pot of that as well. My secret to creamy mac and cheese is using soy milk and chunks of the Dayia wedge cheese. It give me a better texture than the shreds. Check out the complete list here. Hopefully one of my recipes makes a Buzzfeed list.

Now my idea of comfort food is totally different from the above Buzzfeed list. A week or so ago we had some crazy ice snow madness going on.  I took Keithon to school only to pull up to find that they closed the school 15 minutes before I pulled up so I had to bring Keithon to work with me until his Grandmother pick him up. Also on the drive to work my car decided to slide on a patch of ice, across three lanes of traffic. Praise baby Jesus that there was no traffic. Which is very rare for Poplar Ave. To top the day off we had clients visiting the office so I couldn't call in and the kicker, they called to reschedule the office visit. So after all that madness all I wanted was a big bowl of rice noodles, veggies and fried tofu from Pho Binh and my pink fuzzy slippers.

Of course on Super Bowl Sunday we ate like "crap". So I veganized a few of Keithon's favorite "guy foods". I veganized the ever so poplar Buffalo Ranch Chicken Dip, made a few Buffalo Chicken bites and fries. Needless to say Keithon was a happy camper. I on the hand was little sick from all the heaviness of the meal. 

Now my phone's photo gallery is a bit cleaner and very few of my pictures had to go to waste. I still deleted 130 picture. I really need to start taking pictures of something other than food.


  1. Dude, that popcorn tofu chicken sounds so good. I should look up that recipe. Is it kinda like Greg's? And the buffalo dip sounds great too!

    1. No its totally different. When I called you looking for chickpea flour it was for this recipe. When you get ready to make it let me know so I can tell you how I changed it.


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