pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't Call It A Come Back

 I'm baaack! Hopefully I haven't lost too many readers during my blogging  break. The break was not an intentional one. I love to write and I love the comments I get even more. (Its the attention whore in me) But life kinda got in the way of my eating. I know that is a crazy statement but I am one extreme or the other. Either I am eating everything in sight or I am not eating at all and last Thursday I hit the food wall. I stopped eating. Then I realized if I don't eat I can't blog. ::face palm::  So the blogging stopped. Here is the last meal I ate Thursday night. I was feeling like a dude so I ordered the SOB (south of the border) burger and fries from Imagine because that's what dudes eat right?

Then my eating took a turn for the worse. I requested Valentine's day off because I work in an office full of broads and I didn't want to deal with the whole flower, candy and cards madness. My orginal plan was to deliver flowers and my homemade chocolates to 3 of my girls friends and come back home, make a bowl of ramen and play pinball. FOOD FAIL #1.
They all pushed me not to go back home and lay in the bed. So I decided to go shopping. Then I rememebered that I still needed to get part of Keithon's V-Day present. MONSTER JAM TICKETS!! We go every year and this year it happened to fall on Valentine's Day. The tickets online sucked so I decided to try my luck at the FedEx Forum.  Sadly they didn't open til 10 am so I had almost 45 minutes to burn so I walked across the street to Starbucks and ordered a Chocolate Chai Tea and sipped it.....slowly.

Once the tickets were obtained I took my girlfriends advice and went shopping. Plus no one ever said don't clothes shop on an empty stomach. So the hours rolled on and the lack of food continued. Once I picked Keithon up from school I decided I needed to eat. This was almost 4 in the afternoon mind you. So we headed to Pho Phoung Long and share and order of Spring Rolls and Tofu with Garlic Sauce.

Now the Fedex Fourm has a few vegan options and of course not the healthiest but hey what Keithon wants Keithon gets. Including $15 cotton candy. Yes my jaw dropped when the man told me the price but I told Keithon he could have it so I couldn't go back on my word. Since I knew it was the Monster Jam hat I was paying the money for I made him wear it. Yep, ask me if I care. My money my rules. 

Saturday morning Keithon's Grandma picked him up so I could have a some time to myself. So with Keithon being gone there was no need to cook so I didn't eat. I finally ate around 2ish at our monthly Food Awareness meeting and I was crazy hungry by that time. Our meeting was held at Pyro's which is a new pizza chain in Memphis. I'm not a pizza lover but I love the idea that I can get a pizza with exactly what I want on it without having to pay an arm and a leg. I even discovered a beer that I didn't turn my nose up at. 

Sunday I still didn't do any better. I had a breakfast date at a local coffee shop who's name I won't mention because they pissed me off. Normally when I go in since they don't have ANY completely vegan options there is one server who is cool enough to convince the kitchen to make me something. Yeah not Sunday. There were in pure asshole mode. So my pretty vegan self sat there and drink Chai Tea while my stomach was eating my shirt. I almost ran out of there so I could obtain food. 

After my date I stopped by Target to pick up something that I have been putting of waaay too long and of course I got side tracked but side tracked in a good way. I purchased cookware and not the cheapy store brand. Mama went for the good stuff and why not I deserve it plus now all my pots and pans are vegan! Meaning nothing that had a mama touched them!! Now that I have new cookware I am excited to cook and have been cooking and eating since Sunday afternoon so now I can get back to blogging. 


  1. I'm glad you're back I don't comment often but I love reading your blog!

    1. Thank you! I promise to keep eating so I can keep blogging.


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