pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Monday, February 03, 2014

Tale of Two Birthdays

The last two weekends have been filled with birthday events. Not that I am complaining because the two people that I celebrated are very close to me. The first was for my 2nd mom and this Saturday I celebrated my girlfriend Amy. I love birthdays mainly because I love celebrating people and seeing them happy, so if it is in my power I refuse to see anyone sad on their birthday.

Last Sunday Josh's family arranged a surprise party for our mom's 60th birthday. So the minute he called and told me I was there, no if and or buts about it. His mom has done more than any friend's mom should do when it comes to me. ( At one point she did take me in for a brief spell and I will forever love her for that.) The spread for her midday party was perfect just like the weather. Memphis weather has been really janky. It is freezing during the week and when the weekend hits its in the 60's I'm not complaining but give me one or the other. (I'll take the weekend weather)

There were lots of veggies and fruit for us Keithon and I to eat.

Of course there were Mimosa to be had and if you know Robin the Cook's bubbly is perfect! (It is the only "champagne" I've ever seen her drink) I love the wine glass marker's, mine fit me perfectly.

Since Josh and his husband Charlie are slowly going vegetarian I decided to nab a package of Kroger's Meatless Burger Patties to throw on the grill since there weren' t any grill options for us. Keithon decided he was going to man the grill. ( Under my watchful eye of course) He did a great job if I say so myself.

Of course no birthday is complete without a picture of the birthday girl and the cake.

 Now this week I decided to spoil one of my closest friends for her birthday. She has been going through a rough few weeks and I refused to have her sad on her day. I planned an entire day for us and a special surprise. Our first stop Saturday morning was at Calming Influences Spa because what girl doesn't want a spa day. We are both pretty stressed out and this was our break from the world. Plus Amy told me she's never been to the spa. Unacceptable. I'm a diva and loving going to the spa when my pockets can afford it. Before the Spa we had cupcakes. I quizzed Amy the previous day on what her favorite flavors were because a birthday isn't a birthday without cake! After the madness I settled on a Chocolate cupcake infused with Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee and Raspberry icing. I still need the perfect the cake. I can get the coffee flavor as strong as I want it and the frosting a bit too sweet for me.

 After our treatments we stop for lunch at a new place called Pita Pit. It is the Subway of the Pita world. I kinda like this place because it is geared towards healthy eating and they have vegan options. I decided on the Falafel but this was not your normal deep fried Falafel. I'm not sure how there prepare it but it is not deep fried. I know this because it kinda falls apart when you bite into it. The other great thing about Pita Pit is the pita bread is super thin which is great for me because I end up throwing half the bread away because I don't want all the calories. Since the bread is so thin they steam it and kinda rip it open and stuff it that way. Great concept that way the filling doesn't end up in your lap or with me in my boobs.

 After lunch we headed to my favorite place Five in One were we met up with Bianca  made Glitter Tees!  The 3 of us have been looking forward to this craft since they announced it! I didn't get a picture of all of our shirts but I made this awesome shirt I can't wait to wear!!! It fits me so well. I am a nerd through and through but if you call me a geek I will punch you in the face. There is a big difference.

This weekend I think I get a break for the birthday madness and I plan on enjoying every minute of it. I love my girls but this year I am learning to take time to myself and just do nothing. Every weekend I don't need to run a million miles a minute.


  1. Hmm....I still haven't been to Pita Pit, but the things you like about it sound like the things I wouldn't like about it. I want my falafel deep-fried! And I like thick and fluffy pita!


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