pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Change Was Right Around The Corner

Saturday afternoon while Keithon and I were out and about I decided to check out the new Asian place the opened up around the corner. Bianca and I have been meaning to check it out but just like all of our plans it takes us forever to follow through. ( its the Libra in us) They still had the "Grand Opening" banner up to draw you in and this Saturday it worked. From the outside Pho Phuong Long looks small but it is really huge and I was even greeted by a familar face! The guy that use to wait on me at my old Pho place was now there. It is my old Pho place because all their bases we chicken, so we had to part ways.  So I asked him what happened to the old place because I keep seeing a semi truck in front and it looked kinda dark inside. He told me they were brought out by TARGET! I am sad to see a small business go but midtown FINALLY gets a Target. There have been talks of this Target for years. He seemed just as happy to see me as I was to see him.

 After we got caught up Keithon and I went over the menu and this thing is huge!!! Rice dishes, Pho and noodle dishes were everywhere. Then I found the magical page. Yes I said page there are 14 Tofu Dishes on the menu not including the other vegan menu items hidden through out the menu. I was in heaven! Sadly I can't go anywhere without ordering spring rolls so of course Keithon and I split an order. Aside from the spring rolls they have edemame and a veggie soup on the Appetizer menu.

Now because my funds were running low my game place was for Keithon and I to split a lunch menu item but when I saw the choices on the menu I kinda went overboard. Plus they have a Veggie Pho!!! Of course I had to ask what kind of broth they used and when he told me I almost pissed myself and I did do a little dance. Each Pho broth is different. So that meant Cassi could now have Pho that I don't make myself because the broth here is vegetable. They have 3 sizes of Pho. A child's, regular and large. I ordered the kid's because it was only $5.99 and Jesus H. Christ it was the size of my damn child. They take their Pho game serious here.

 I love that it is loaded with types of yummy veggies and of course the side of garnishments. I love foods that you can personalize because likes her food spicy. While I was digging around in my plate of add in I found this little baby. Yep into the bowl it went. It made it that much better.

  Of course I didn't make my child watch me eat Pho and he is not a Pho type of guy....yet.. Keithon ordered the Stir Fried Tofu with Broccoli. It comes with a spring roll but it has pork in it so he had to leave it off. He said that he liked the sauce the best. Of course I stole a bite you know to make sure they weren't poisoning him. The tofu is the firm fried kind which is my favorite because I hate mushy tofu.

 This is going to be my new favorite noodle shop. There are plenty of vegan options,  I know a member of the staff and they have wifi. I can't wait until this weekend so I can go back. I am going to eat ever vegan option they have! My Asian meals are complete unless I have a fortune cookie and Saturday's fortune held very true.

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  1. I'm going to have to try them. Looks yummy!


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