pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Monday, January 13, 2014

What girl doesn't love jewelry

Yesterday afternoon I hosted my first Origami Owl party. Jennifer hosted a party a few months ago, I have never heard of this type of jewelry party but when she brought the catalog over I was so excited because with Origami Owl you get to build your own necklace the way you want. What I love the most is you can add to take away or even make a brand new necklace as long as you have the Living Locket, you are never stuck with the same necklace. The concept is a combination of a locket and charm bracelet. I love this concept because I have always wanted a charm bracelet yet I never got one but with Origami Owl I can have a necklace or a bracelet! ( You can make one or the other) Sadly I was not able to attend Jennifer's party because I was coming home from Atlanta Vegfest but I gave Jennifer my order form and placed my order via phone, the day of the party. I wanted my necklace!

  Since Jennifer had her own party, of course I wanted to host my own mainly because I wanted more charms to add to my locket. I started off with 2 charms plus a plate and Jennifer gave me 4 more for Christmas but I want more I want more! I have a lot of interest plus I want to be able to change it up.

 So far I have all the things that are important to me in my locket. I have a black doggy paw with rhinestones for my Anna that passed, a charm of Keithon with his birthstone, a chef's hat that says "love to cook",  a cupcake, a high heeled shoe, a book that says "love to read"  and a plate that says "mom".  My living locket is filled with everything that is great about me.

  Most Origami Owl parties are hosted by a mother daughter team. Megan and her mom were heading up my jewelry bar. Megan's mom did most of the explaining on how to build our creations because Megan is a bit shy but Megan did have a lot of good advice on how to build the perfect locket story! I love the set up because most of the items you need are on site so you can try on and build your piece. That way no one leaves disappointed.
 With any party you have to have food and I was short on time so I decided to whip up snacks from what I had on hand. Crazy enough all the foods I had on hand were Asian so it fit well with the Origami Owl party!

  Thankfully Nicole showed up early to help me prep the food because I was running short on time. For this party I went with easy hand held snacks and of course I had to make my all time favorite Spring Rolls. Who doesn't love a good spring roll. Mine were kinda sloppy mainly because I was rushing and I made the mistake of cutting them with a dull knife but they still eat the same.

 Next I tried a brand-new item, Crab Ragoons. For Christmas I received a gift certificate so I could buy Match Meat online because we can't get it in Memphis. Match Meat is so close to the real thing and I really miss seafood. So this really hit the spot.

 Saturday while we were at Amy's mom's we had take out Keithon asked what duck sauce was made from. ( I honestly had no clue because I don't care for it because it's a sweet sauce that is suppose to go on savory items. I don't mix the two. My mind won't let me. So to reassure my child that duck sauce or plum sauce as it's also known as didn't come from ducks I decided to make some at home. (By I I mean Nicole, I gave her the measurements and she put everything in a pot). Duck sauce is nothing more than apricot preserves, sugar, water, and vinegar. Go figure.

  I can't wait til my new charms come in so I can wear my "New" necklace! I'm sure as the year progresses that I'll add new charms and dangles because I know there will be a lot of great adventure this year.

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  1. Yay! I'm excited about my Namate necklace. I really can't see myself wearing the big ole locket, so I'm glad I didn't spend the million bucks to get one. But the simple tag is very me.


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