pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Saturday, January 11, 2014

So Sore So Tired

Now before anyone gets concerned, no I'm not getting the flu or any sick madness. Today Lisa and I helped our friend Amy rearrange her mom's house. Rearrange is actually putting it lightly. We damn near did an overhaul getting the house ready for Mama Pam to come home from the hospital. We weren't asked to help but it needed to be done and we love Amy so we did it. Now I had a really awesome post lined up for tonight but mama is tired and my brain is not working. So inside I am going to post about my awesome finds at Mama Pam's house!

  Of course Keithon was with me and we gave him the task of cleaning and straighten the book shelves. That is not a task for me because I love books and would have never finished but unfortunately I did go over to the bookcase and found cookbooks. There were two books that caught my eye. One that was filed with nothing but soups and one by my ultra uber favorite Tv personality Alton Brown! I love how he combines food, science, humor and cinematography. ( It's the cooking nerd in me)  Meeting him is on my bucket list. When I was in New York a few years ago I even went to Chelsea Market hoping to run into him. (Chelsea Market is where they film a lot of the food network shows) I'm sure that there will be a few recipes I can veganize but I'm more excited about the knowledge I'll gain from this book.

  Now my next find is less of a find and more of a victory item. You guessed it, wine! I'd been eyeing this baby all day and now it is mine. Victory sweet victory. Getting the wine was not the victory but how I obtained the wine was. We will just leave it at,  I was in bitch mode and I wanted it so I obtained it and dared a certain someone to stop me.

Now please excuse me while I get into my pjs, slurp on some noodles and call it a night. Tomorrow I promise to have a super awesome post. (Please excuse any typos I am not proof reading I just wanna lay down.)


  1. Relax and enjoy your treat! I'm the same way I'd be stuck at the bookshelf for HOURS ;)

  2. Omg!!!! I love u so much chick sweet victory is yours!!!


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