pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Thrift Shopping for a Good Cause

Saturday morning I had a few hours to myself before going to get Keithon and I'm not the type to lay in bed all day, so I decided to check out a new thrift store that opened near the Viet Hoa. I've driven by the BAM Teen Challenge Thrift Store a few times but never had time to stop in but since I was child free this was the best time. Plus I love thrift stores as long as they don't have that thrift store smell. You that old musty smell, I hate that smell more than anything in the world and lucky for me BAM didn't. Aside from not having that horrid smell this is not your normal thrift store, this store is run by the men in the Teen Challenge program. So it's a thrift shop with a true purpose.

                                                                 Here is the flyer

  They have a ton of cool stuff  to look at and the prices are better than most thrift stores in the area. Plus if you are going to spend your money why not spend it with a group that is make a difference in the lives of others. Just like any thrift store you have to hunt for the good stuff but you don't have to hunt too hard because the guys here are more than happy to help and they know their inventory! I was shocked I've never been able to ask questions until I was at the register, this was a happy change of pace.

  Of course I had to find the book section of the store. On my first look nothing caught my eye but on my 2nd loop around the store these puppies caught my eye.

 Now being the Southern Gem that I am I needed these cookbooks! I got all these cookbooks for two dollars!! Yes, I know these are not vegan but that's why I had to have them. I flipped through and yes a few recipes are vegan by design but my favorite part of an old recipe is veganizing it. It takes true skill and patience to do this and I love a challenge. Plus I saw an already vegan recipe for chocolate wafers, I am going to try my best to recreate my beloved and oh so miss Kit Kat.

So if you are ever in the area and want to check out the store please do, its all for a good cause. Better yet instead of tossing your old belongings donate them to BAM, that way you can be assured that the profits raised stay in house. They also have a counter space that they are going to open up in the next few months as a cafe. I'm hoping that they will have a few vegan options even if they don't they still have my support but make sure you take cash they don't have an option for taking plastic.


  1. I've been wanting to check this place out, but I have reservations about the organization it supports. I'm not a fan of faith-based ministries, especially ones that deal with kids (cause they're easily brainwashed by religion). But that's the atheist in me (even though I'm not an atheist, my relationship with religion is rocky to say the least). They have any good clothes?

    1. Crazy enough its called Teen Challenge but there aren't any teens in the program. The program is for young men 18 and up. The guy in the program said the youngest guy is 18 and the oldest is 60. He also told me that because of the program they are thinking of going veggie or vegan but for sure they are doing the fast of David, which is 14 day fast of only fruits and veggies, when they first get out. They did have a few cute things but mostly they have housewares and knick knacks.


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