pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Friday, January 03, 2014

Good Luck Foods for a Day Equals a Year of Good Luck

  Now New Year's Eve is all about the booze and kissing at midnight but New Year's Day is equally important in my book. Aside from being OCD I am really superstitious, so on the days leading up to the New year I had to make sure I had all my superstitions together. Keeping change on the windowsill, keeping money in your pocket, wearing new clothes, not breaking anything and paying old debts backs. There are a lot so I knocked out as many as I can.

  This year I got to add a new tradition to my New Year's, thanks to Bianca and Greg. Every New Year's Day they go to Pho Saigon and order a Vietnamese Omelette also know as Tofu  Bahn Xeo. The omelette part is made from rice flour, coconut milk and turmeric. It was loaded with fried tofu, cabbage, broccoli, celery, carrots and on the side it had lettuce, pickled carrots and daikon and lots of mint, basil and cilantro. They failed to tell me it was the size of the Titanic! I ordered 2 of these monsters.  Keithon struggled with his and quit before he made a dent but I went toe to toe with the beast of a meal. I now understand why this is only eaten once a year. There was grease for days but it was oh so good. I also foolishly ordered Spring Rolls. There was so much food.

Now of course the most superstition is the food. Being a Southerner I made sure that I purchased a can of black eyed peas. (Yes a can I did not feel like soaking peas.) Instead of cabbage I remembered I still had kale and I also picked up a box of Jiffy Corn Muffin mix. The superstition is that the peas are for luck, the greens are for wealth and the corn bread is for gold. Mama needs all of that in the coming year because I have plans BIG plans.
   Since one of my big plans for this New Year includes going to Japan, this year I decided to incorporate a few Japanese traditions and Greg and Bianca helped unknowingly! Your 1st meal of the New Year is suppose to be super indulgent. (Yep I covered that one.) You are also suppose to drink the finest champagne. The Moet covered that base. We had it with our dinner, yes Keithon had a bit, only about a tablespoon. Hey he's my child, he deserves the best as well. For the New Year in Japan they have soba noodle soup with shrimp. The noodles if slurped without breaking brings good luck and the the curve in the shrimp represents longevity. Now I THOUGHT I picked up vegan shrimp but not reading and after cooking and biting into one I discovered it had egg powder in it. FML. Keithon asked what it was made from because the texture was gross and to be honest so was the taste. Vegan foul I know but I am human. I ate one and gave the others to Hollywood. I also taught Keithon how to slurp his noodles.

   We ended our dinner with good luck New Year's candies and Keithon got his lucky money envelope! The candy is made from peanut and sesame. I made Keithon test the puff pieces because of my peanut allergies. Sure as shit peanuts! Lucky for me I could still eat the Senate pieces.

So being the Power Ranger that I am I managed to make 2 dinners at the same time! We got in all of the good luck foods we needed. Plus the one superstition that I always screw up is the first footer and this year I had one that even came bearing gifts! All in all  we had a great start to our New Year. I know many great things are to come and I got to wear my new outfit that Aisha gave me for Christmas with means I will get plenty of clothes in the New Year!


  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog since you started! I hate to do this, and only do it so you can avoid it in the future, Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix has animal fat in it. Ugh I found out after not carefully reading the package once before I bought it and having it double checked by my husband.

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    2. Well hells bells! Sadly I didn't read it, I just grabbed it at the last sec. Thank you for informing me and not being the vegan police by making me feel like a douche. I am still learning <3

  2. Man, I wish I had another one of those omelettes.....

  3. Jiffy brand has lard in it, read the box. I had to learn the hard way. As do most taco shells and tortillas. Cute outfit!


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