pretty in pink vegan

pretty in pink vegan

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Whole Foods 2.0

 Last Sunday at 6 pm our one and only Whole Foods shut it's doors. There was a massive sale  to liquidate everything! Being the insane woman that I am I decided to venture over just to see if the sale was worth it. It was a clusterfuck! You would think they were giving the store away! They kinda were, by the time I made it to the register with my few items the sale went from 50% off to 70%. (Score one for me)

   But no worries on Tuesday Whole Foods 2.0 opened, right next door! It was a glorious day for Memphis. We finally got the Whole Foods we deserved. I have been going to WF since it was Wild Oats and before that it's was a local market in Midtown called Squash Blossom.  My Grandma use to take me to Squash Blossom when I was a little girl. (Even back then I was a bit of a foodie and health freak.)  The Grand Opening for the new WF was getting a lot of press and it deserved it. I have been to other Whole Foods in other cities and it made our WF look sad but not anymore. When I walked in it was like walking into a magical wonderland of food.  There are so many additions that I can happily say we have a REAL Whole Foods! My original plan was to check out the new space right after work on Tuesday mainly but because I work down the street and wanted to see it Asap. But Bianca sent me a message asking if I wanted to go with her. An adventure like this called for the buddy system. I was so glad we went together because I almost hopped out of the car before she finished parking. This was my Disneyland! Even the new sign was magical. (I almost peed a rainbow I was so excited)

 Once we entered the store it was like walking into a new city! I felt like I was in the land of Oz! The layout was different, it was bright, clean and pretty. I was at home! Bianca and I planned to cover EVERY square inch of that store. The first thing you see when you walk in is the NEW layout for the bulk bins! Love it minus the height of the top bulk items. ( I only clock in at 4'11) To get to the nuts and some of the grains I have to tiptoe it.

  They have also added a few new stations to the bulk items one being a dried mushroom station and a gourmet salt station. I walked around for about 5 minutes sniffing salts.

  By far my favorite addition to the bulk bins are the Carob and Cacao Chips! No more reading chocolate chip bag labels for this girl! All I have to do is weigh and go!

   Our next venture was right across the way to what I call the vegan staples and check it out. The items are now behind an energy saving case and there is a new sign giving a break down of the vegan proteins. I'm glad to see it because I have eaten Tempeh but had no clue exactly what it was. I had to Google it. Thanks Whole Foods for the "Vegan Proteins for Dummies" sign.

  Now my second favorite part of the store is the new and improved Asian aisle! It is super organized and bigger! They have also upgraded the sushi station with a made to order, noodle, rice or curry bowls!

  At the end of our adventure was by far my most favoritest addition to the store. THE SWEETS! Our old WF sucked as far as bulk vegan junk food and baked goods are concerned but now we have arrived! I get everything I was missing in one stop. They still have my vegan cookies but wait for it.... I now get gummy bears, sorbet and CUPCAKES! The only time we could get cupcakes  if they had a special order and had batter left over but now Mama can get her cuppy cakes whenever they are open and my poor deprived child can have gummy bears.

  Of course I had to get one! The trip would not have been complete without it. I seriously started skipping after it was handed to me. I also love the it is sweetened with maple syrup instead of sugar.

 Since this was an adventure trip I decided to give Kombucha another try. The first time I had it I thought I was going to die! It was  too very strong and vinegary for me and I shoot Apple Cider Vinegar. But WF now have a zodiac kombucha so I decided to give it one more shot. It was suppose to be brewed to fit my zodiac element. ( i'm a Libra) So I was happy to see that it did have my favorite tastes in them. There was spearmint, pineapple, pear and Apple. The spearmint taste was the strongest and lucky for me it cut down on the vinegar taste. It was ok but it's still not for me but Bianca is going to teach my how to make my own that way it can have all the fruit notes I want in it!

 I am in love with the new Whole Foods and have a ton more pictures to share but writing about all this food and looking at the pictures on an empty stomach was a bad idea. My stomach has been growling non stop and it even growled so loud Hollywood looked up at me. So I guess I need to eat. If you haven't checked out the new Whole Foods in Memphis PLEASE do! It is awesome!


  1. I cannot wait to visit and check it out!!!

  2. Hopefully now a Trader Joe's will come soon to Memphis because if you didn't notice they try to place their properties close by WF as competition.


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